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Milo Supplier in Singapore

With a long history that can be traced back to Australia, Milo has since become one of the world’s leading chocolate malt beverages worldwide. Tasty and trusted, no household would be complete without this beverage that is rich with essential vitamins and minerals that meet the nutritional and energy demands of the young ones. Taking kids’ development seriously, the brand has since evolved to be synonymous with sports and good health. Treasure Orbit is a trusted importer, supplier and distributor of Milo and other FMCG products in Singapore. Our wide selection of products is readily available online to make the ordering, importing, and supplying process hassle-free for our clients and customers.

Enjoy the Goodness of Milo

As one of the leading FMCG suppliers and distributors, we at Treasure Orbit aim to bring value to our partners by representing only the most renowned FMCG brands. Therefore, if you are looking for new products to display in your store, our wide range of Milo products will surely be a great addition to your inventory. Here are some products we supply at Treasure Orbit: All of our Milo products allow your customers and clients to enjoy the natural goodness of malted barley, milk, cocoa, vitamins, and minerals with every sip.

Order Milo Drinks Wholesale in Singapore

Looking for more top-quality products to make available to your customers? Treasure Orbit is a leading supplier of beverages, snacks, confectioneries, and other FMCG products in Singapore. Apart from the iconic Milo drinks, we also carry other products from popular brands like Pringles, Ritter Sport, and more. Milo is simply just one of the classic additions to our expansive selection of wholesale beverage products, with our entire catalogue available for browsing online. Whether you're a retailer or looking to buy in bulk, we have what you need. Treasure Orbit is your one-stop shop for wholesale options. Contact us to place your order or learn more about our products and services.