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Karak Tea Supplier and Distributor in Singapore

With a long history originating in the Middle East and Gulf region, Karak Tea has since become a worldwide sensation beloved by tea drinkers and enthusiasts across the globe. No Arab or South Asian household would be complete without their own set of Karak Tea ingredients and supplies, and this flavourful drink has become intertwined with deep cultural traditions of hospitality and warmth.

Treasure Orbit is a trusted importer, supplier, and distributor of Karak Tea and other FMCG products into Singapore. Our wide range of products are available online to make the order, import, and supply process easy for our clients and customers.

Enjoy Premium Karak Tea in Different Flavours

As a leading global FMCG supplier and distributor we like to bring value to our clients by representing only the top global FMCG brands from around the world. If you are looking for new products to display in your shop, our range of flavoured Karak Tea premixes will make a good addition to your inventory. Here are the products we carry:

Our Karak Tea premixes allow your customers and clients to enjoy a long and respected tradition of hospitality in every sip.

Buy Karak Tea from a Trusted Supplier and Distributor in Singapore

Looking for more premium and value-added products to offer your clients? Treasure Orbit is a leading supplier and distributor of teas, coffees, confectionery, and other FMCG products in Singapore. Karak Tea is just one of the latest additions to our extensive range of wholesale beverage products, with our full catalogue of items available for browsing on our website.

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