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Japanese Chocolate Wholesale Supplier in Singapore

There’s no denying that Japanese chocolates have captured the hearts (and taste buds) of Singaporeans. As a leading supplier and distributor of FMCG products in Singapore, Treasure Orbit strives to bring you only the best and most popular Japanese chocolate wholesale products for your customers.

Bringing you World-Renowned Confectionary Traditions

Our selection of Japanese confectionery and chocolate brands available for wholesale import include recognisable names such as LOTTE, Pocky, Glico, KitKat, and Meiji. Directly imported from Japan, these FMCG staples are a great way to connect with customers and clients in Singapore who yearn to visit the bustling cities of Tokyo and Osaka, or see the gentle slopes of Mount Fuji with their own eyes.

Some of the Japanese chocolate products we offer include:

One Japanese chocolate delight that has become extremely popular overseas (including in Singapore) is KitKat. Renowned for their innovative and unique flavours inspired by the latest food trends, these crunchy flavoured chocolate biscuits have become a recognisable staple of Japan’s modern-day cultural milieu. Discover our full range of KitKat and other Japanese confectioneries in our Japanese Food Catalogue.

Order Popular Global Chocolate Brands Wholesale in Singapore

Apart from these iconic Japanese favourites, Treasure Orbit also carries other popular global chocolate brands such as Ferrero Rocher, Bounty Chocolate, and Ritter Sport. Our holistic customer-centric approach and global outreach ensure that we are able to bring you the most popular FMCG products to help you satisfy your own customer base. Whether you are part of a large supermarket chain or a small-time independent stockist, we are here to help you gain a strategic advantage over the competition by keeping you in touch with the latest FMCG trends.

Order your Japanese chocolates, biscuits, and other confectioneries online directly on our e-commerce platform. Get in touch for more information about wholesale import to and delivery in Singapore today.