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Buy Wholesale Elvan Truffle Assortments Online

Buy Elvan Truffle Assortments wholesale online and enjoy an extensive range of variety packed flavours to suit the needs and preferences of your customer base. Elvan Truffles are the perfect treat for any occasion, from fun gatherings at home to big party celebrations. Whether you work at a large supermarket, a small cafe, or an independent business, these chocolate assortment bags are sure to please your customers and clients alike. Order Elvan Truffle Bags online at Treasure Orbit for a smooth wholesale shopping experience. Our range of Elvan Truffle flavours include:

Elvan Truffle Bag Caramel

For a sweet delight of rich and chewy consistency, grab an Elvan Truffle Bag Caramel. The strong flavours of chocolate and caramel provides an irresistible taste that is sure to leave customers wanting more.

Elvan Truffle Bag Coconut

With its creamy coconut and perfect puffiness of crisped rice fillings, the Elvan Truffle Bag Coconut is sure to make a lasting impression with its unique combination of textures and flavours, making an overall great snack to munch on.

Elvan Truffle Bag Hazelnut

Indulge in a nutty, buttery, and sweet Elvan Truffle Bag Hazelnut taste. The delicious flavour combos provide a smooth and savoury treat. A perfect snack for customers to share and enjoy with their loved ones.

Elvan Truffle Bag Strawberry

The Elvan Truffle Bag Strawberry combines strawberries, crisped rice filling, and coats of rich chocolate, creating a satisfying melting confection of treats.

Elvan Truffle Bag Mix

With all these fantastic flavour combinations, deciding what Elvan Truffle Chocolate flavour to get is definitely a struggle. Fortunately, the Elvan Truffle Bag Mix contains various flavours and is individually packed to provide one with a full taste of all the delightful flavours.

Buy Elven Truffle Assortments Wholesale In Singapore

Order wholesale supplies of Elvan Truffle Assortments from our leading FMCG import company in Singapore for the best wholesale deals. We have been providing customers and clients with Elvan Truffle Chocolates since 2020. Browse our selection, place your order, and expect your wholesale supplies to arrive within a few days. Want to know more about our products and services? Feel free to reach out to us.