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Buy Wholesale Bounty Chocolates In Singapore Online

Are you looking for sweets to give away at your next party or event? Or perhaps you want to stock up your inventory with delicious treats? Order classic Bounty chocolates in bulk to bring your customers in Singapore a taste of their rich chocolatey mouthfeel, mixed with a tropical coconut twist. Our selection includes Bounty chocolates of different styles and sizes to cater to the needs and wants of all of your customers. Select the Bounty chocolate of your choice and place your wholesale order online at Treasure Orbit today.

Bounty Single Bars

The classic-sized Bounty Single Bars are perfect for those who want a piece of this iconic chocolate bar all to themselves. It has a delicious combination of a milk chocolate coating that will melt in one’s mouth, and moist coconut fillings that will satisfy sweet cravings. It makes an excellent snack at school, the office, or during travels.

Bounty Minis

Instead of your classic-sized chocolate bars, your customers can also enjoy bite-sized Bounty Minis that are individually packed. This miniaturised format makes it easy to share their Bounty chocolates with family and friends, and a great stock option for stores of all sizes.

Bounty Miniatures 

Bounty Miniatures are the fun-sized candy version of the original Bounty chocolate bar. They are individually wrapped, making them an ideal confectionery for candy jars, gift bags, and more. These single-serve Bounty Miniatures also make the perfect treats and party favours for special occasions like birthdays or Halloween, along with our other confectionery goods.

Your Trusted Partner For Wholesale Bounty Chocolates In Singapore

Stock up on Bounty chocolates today with a reliable wholesale company in Singapore to ensure all supplies are safely delivered to your preferred destination address. With Treasure Orbit you can rest assured that you have access to leading confectionery, chocolate, and FMCG brands from around the globe. Have any questions? Reach out to us and our team will respond to you as soon as possible.