Nutella is marketed as a key ingredient in a nutritious and well-balanced breakfast, as an alternative to jam, peanut butter and other breakfast spread. All-natural ingredients of Nutella are without any additives or colourings. In 2009, Nutella began to focus its branding on being a basic breakfast to help customers understand its best use. This strategy worked, and Nutella became an international sensation for breakfast. Nutella is a delicious hazelnut spread that contains high-quality ingredients such as skim milk and a hint of cocoa that moms can serve as part of a balanced breakfast.

Treasure Orbit group is a well-established and well-respected distributor of Nutella products and supplies a wide range of different sizes of Nutella & Ferrero Rocher products to importers, wholesalers. We are proud to be very reliable and efficient with our deliveries, offering a very friendly service. Additionally, Treasure Orbit group offers a wide range of wholesale non-food products to the UAE, USA, UK, Spain and worldwide.

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