Are you looking for a reliable and affordable supplier of Giotto & Hanuta in Singapore? You're in luck - with the right resources, carefully crafted supply chain process and attention to detail, obtaining these products isn't just easy but can also be very cost-effective. Whether you are a wholesaler, distributor or exporter who needs these products regularly there is something for everyone from our store. In this blog post we will explore the availability of the Giotto and Hanutta range of products by Ferrero chocolate bars as well as provide insight into how they can be acquired at reduced costs compared to other sellers. Read on to learn more about bulk purchasing options available specifically tailored to best meet your needs!

Introducing TRO Singapore’s Giotto & Hanuta range by Ferrero

For businesses in Singapore looking for tasty treats to offer their customers, these hazelnut-filled snacks are the perfect wholesale selection. They both contain flavourful hazelnuts. With Giotto being a fine, crispy pastry with hazelnut-skimmed milk cream and gently roasted pieces of hazelnut, and Hanuta the delicious hazelnut creamed sandwich with crispy baked wafers, cocoa cream and crunchy roasted hazelnuts. Not only do they taste great, but the packaging is also eye-catching in shape and design, making them a great option for gift-giving or resale. These chocolates also have a longer shelf life, ensuring they will stay fresh for longer periods of time. For businesses looking to wow their customers with delicious treats in Singapore, these crispy and creamy snacks are the way to go.

The features that make Giotto and Hanuta stand out

Though both products are by the Ferrero Group, they each stand out in their own, creamy ways giving customers a real mouthwatering difference in hazelnut-filled treats. One is shaped like a pastry whereas the other is like a sandwich but all created to remind customers of the renowned expertise of Ferrero when it comes to their hazelnut flavours. As it is no secret the strength of the brand in this domain, with many products from Ferrero Rocher to Nutella to choose from, and also available from the Treasure Orbit Group.

The Giotto Stangen Hazelnut Chocolate is filled with the hazelnut cream made from the original Italian recipe that Ferrero is renowned across the world for. It’s the perfect pair with your coffee. The wafer shell is crispy, the milk-hazelnut cream is delightful and the gapless coating of crispy hazelnut pieces is bound to make you want to come for more and more. For this reason among many this hazelnut delight is also available in bags of three for with thrice the power to quench your hazelnut thirst. 


On the other hand, the Ferrero Hanuta Wafers Filled with Hazelnut cream, is the perfect pair when you want to have Nutella on-the-go. As it is sandwiched in wafer and the taste of the hazelnut filling has been compared to Nutella by countless snackers. It is delicious, crispy and aromatic. Thus, the perfect hazelnut and chocolate combination. At Treasure Orbit Group, this is available as Hanuta Hazel Wafers (10+1) and Hanuta Hazelnut Wafer Minis Bag 10x2. Additionally, there is the Ferrero Hanuta Riegel. Which is ideal if you desire a less sweeter option as it is filled with dark chocolate alongside nuts. 

Benefits of Wholesale Shopping with TRO Singapore

Wholesale shopping with TRO Singapore provides various benefits that any retailer or reseller can appreciate. Firstly, purchasing products in bulk quantities means cost savings on per-unit prices, which ultimately leads to increased profitability. TRO Singapore offers a vast range of products to choose from, and their flexible and customizable product offerings guarantee that you will find what you are looking for. As a professional wholesaler, TRO Singapore ensures that you receive high-quality authentic products, including the beloved Giotto and Hanuta range, at competitive prices. By partnering with TRO Singapore, you can conveniently streamline your inventory management while reducing overhead costs, allowing you to focus on growing your business.

In conclusion, TRO Singapore is a one-stop wholesaler and distributor of the Ferrero range including the Giotto and Hanuta product lines. With its special aromatic hazelnut flavours in various packages, reasonable pricing, sustainability, and quality assurance practices, customers can most certainly trust that they are getting the best experience when shopping with them. So don’t wait any longer, enquire now to place an order for wholesale Giotto and Hanuta products with TRO Singapore!

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