Treasure Orbit is amongst the top FMCG trading companies In Singapore.

At Treasure Orbit, We hire the very best, and take pride in creating an exceptional working environment that values creativity, encourages innovation, supports learning and stimulate freedom of thought. We believe that personal and professional fulfilment of employees is
critical to a company’s success. We are a multicultural company and geographically spread, we highly support and fosters a multifaceted mix of talent. The Group believes that their
team should reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

We sincerely recognize the importance of cultivating a united, great work environment and a happy workforce. We trust that ‘our employees are our greatest asset’, this is why we pride ourselves on leading, assisting, and developing our employees in a safe and co-operative work environment.

We offer unique and exciting opportunities within all tiers of our organization including Sales, Operations, Account Management, Human Resources, Accounting, and Information

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